Traci’s Top Ten Tips for Creating a Zenful Space

Whether you have a spare bedroom available after one of the kids went off to college or maybe you just have some extra space in the corner of your living room or a shelf in your den; you can create a beautiful, inexpensive and relaxing Zen space in your home no matter how much room you have to create it.

Follow my top ten tips to see how.

1. Brainstorm

The first step I take when I am planning a new project is to start with a blank piece of paper and a fresh pen and what I call a brain storming session. It usually helps to put on some relaxing music (preferably without lyrics) to help you relax while creating. I like to listen to Celtic meditation or hand pan music which I usually find on You Tube. But you pick what works best for you. You can also light a scented candle or use some essential oils in a diffuser to really get the juices flowing. On this piece of paper start writing down all your wants and ideas in a free-flowing manner. No need to organize it at this point. Just get those ideas on paper. Here the sky is the limit.

2. Drill Down

Once you have all those great ideas on paper you need to break them down into categories and separate lists. You may need to eliminate some that are not possible right now either from a budget standpoint or a difficulty standpoint. (Honey is it ok if I build a mini–Taj Mahal in our bedroom?) You know what I mean. Let us start small and build from there. Some ideas you may want to save for later as you add to your space. I usually make separate lists for things I need to buy, things I need to gather from other rooms or storage and things I plan to either make or upcycle.

3. Prep Your Space

Once you have your lists in hand you will need to tackle the space first. Is it already empty or does it need some decluttering? If it is a spare room, can you give it a fresh coat of paint in a soft, relaxing color? If that is not possible or maybe you like the existing color you can start planning new accessories that will go with the relaxed Zen theme.

4. Gather Your Pieces

Now it is time to work on your shop, gather and DIY to do lists. The easy part is gathering your favorite items from other areas of the house. Do you have a crystal collection that you have stored away? If not places like Marshall’s Home Goods and TJ Max sometimes have great finds for larger crystal geodes and other Zen like items. Local crystal shops are another great place to find some items to feather your new little nest area. Some very inexpensive items can be found on Amazon and other online stores. DIY takes a little more effort but will really make your space reflect your vibe. If you are lucky enough to have a whole room, you can “steal” pieces of furniture from other parts of the house or go dumpster diving as we used to say. Do not knock it unless you have tried it. As they say, one gal’s trash is another gal’s treasure. Once you find these pieces you can re-style them with fun paint colors and designs using stencils and or transfers. Go a little crazy with this part. This is where you can really add some of your own style.

5. Plan The Layout

If you are working on an entire room, it is always a great idea to take some ¼ inch graph paper and sketch out your placement for the furniture and other fixtures that you plan to put in the space. (Each ¼ inch square can represent one foot). It is much better to see how it will fit on paper first instead making your honey move everything around multiple times…lol. Believe me on this one!

6. Add Character

Some fun ideas for your space are twinkly lights which can be battery operated or plug in depending on your space. Battery operated candles with little remote controls are great because you will not have to worry about burning the house down while you Zen out. Flowers whether real or artificial are always a nice touch as are live green plants. A nice soft rug is another added touch that will be nice if you plan on doing meditation in your space. If you really want to soften things up a faux lambskin rug is a super comfy addition for any activity where you may be sitting on the floor.

7. Set The Mood

It is nice to have some sound healing tools in your sacred Zen space. I love both crystal singing bowls and Tibetan metal bowls. Wind chimes are nice if you can hang them near a window where you can hear them tinkling. All these sound tools come in a variety of price ranges so you can find something that will fit within your budget. I am hoping to add a 30-inch gong to my space at some time in the future…but baby steps.

8. Make It Comfortable

If your space is large enough to do some Yoga or stretching exercises it is a nice idea to pad the floor with interlocking rubber mats. These can be purchased at Harbor Freight very inexpensively. Believe me, they make all the difference and are worth every penny. You can layer your Yoga mat on top of the rubber floor and will be so comfy. You can do this on one side of the room and still leave space for your other activities. You can also break them apart easily if you need the space again.

9. Repurpose Furniture

If you are working with a much smaller space, you can turn any cabinet into a sacred space. It is so much fun to DIY an old piece of furniture from a yard sale or thrift store into a work of art that will double as your Zen space. For instance, before I had my Zen room set up, I took an old hexagon shaped end table from the 1970s and took the doors off. I painted it and stenciled the sides with a Moroccan pattern. I then placed a Buddha statue on the inside with some of my antique book collection and incense. On the top I placed a selenite tower light with many of my crystals, essential oils and my Mala, placed it in the corner of my office and voila… Instant sacred space.

10. Get Creative

If you have an even smaller area, you can utilize a bookshelf on the wall or a free-standing shelf. You could even utilize the inside shelf in a closet if you have little ones or maybe mischievous cats that love to knock your crystals off the table. (I have seen many friends post about how their cats love to play with their crystals). With a small hidden space, it is kind of fun to add playful little items such as fairies, dragons or little garden gnomes to the other items. You can even add some tiny lights and a little fairy house to make it feel more special.

I hope you have enjoyed these tips and they help to bring a little Zen into your space. For more helpful tips on DIY, design, meditation, travel and all things Zen… follow me on Instagram, Facebook and You Tube.

Zenfully yours,