Creating a simple crystal grid in 5 easy steps can be a very powerful tool to harness your intentions.

It is super easy to set one up in your house, your garden, at the beach or even on your body! (More on that in a future post).

In addition to being a great tool for manifesting your desires, a crystal grid also looks very pretty in your house.

Follow my five easy steps and I will show you how to create a very simple but beautiful crystal grid in your house.

List of Supplies:

1 Center stone (a tower, sphere or larger rough stone work best).

4-8 Smaller stones of one to three types (depending on your intention).

4 Quartz Points

Handwritten Intention

Tibetan Bowl, Tuning Fork or Crystal Singing Bowl (Optional)

Activation Quartz Point (Optional)

Grid Plate (optional)

Crystal Stone Book (Optional)

shows all crystals, book, and supplies for creating grid

Simple Crystal Grids

You can create grids for many purposes including using them on your body, however in this blog post I will show you how to set up a simple grid in your house to work with one of your intentions.

Some people like to use a grid plate with a geometric design on it to lay their stones.

Grid plates are nice additions and can be a very powerful use of sacred geometry, but they are not necessary.

Crystal grid on purple grid plate in the Bahamas

Grid plate in use on beach in the Bahamas

Creating Intention

The most important thing you need to do before you set up your grid is to come up with a specific intention so that your crystals can work most effectively to manifest your desire.

Picture of my hand writing an intention for grid.

The best way to make sure that you your intention is being broadcast to the universe is to write it down on a small piece of paper.

When creating an intention, there are a few things you want to make sure you do:

Always phrase your intention in the present tense.

Avoid the use of negative words. (Can’t, don’t, not).

Begin the intention with gratitude for extra power.

Make it believable to you.

Focus on feeling. (How you will feel once the intention becomes reality).

Make it about you or your surroundings. (If creating a grid for another you should always ask for permission).

See some examples below.

Intention Examples

For instance, if you are creating a prosperity grid you might write, “I am grateful to be financially free”. Or for a peace and love grid you might say, “I am thankful that my home is filled with peace and love.”

If you are seeking a specific job or business relationship you can make it super specific. For instance, “I am happy to be working at XYZ Company”. Or “I am grateful to be in partnership with ABC Organics”.

Put it out there so the universe knows exactly what you want.

And lastly, be mindful of what you ask for…you just might get it.

Choosing Your Crystals

The best way to decide which stones to use is by researching the properties of the crystals.

The stones I am using  here in my Peace and Love grid are Amethyst to calm the mind, Rose Quartz as the universal love stone and Clear Quartz to amplify the two stones.

Clear quartz is a great stone to use to amplify your intentions and the other stones in your grid arrangement.

There are many great books available to purchase that will help you with this task.  A couple of my favorites are:

The Book of Stones by  Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian   (The OG big daddy volume to have on your shelf).

The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall (Smaller and more portable).

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When you purchase or are given new crystals it is always best to retune them before use.

Many will tell you that you have to cleanse your crystals in water to remove stale energy.

But in fact, many crystals cannot handle being put into water because they might dissolve.

I learned this from my teacher Hibiscus Moon. She believes in retuning your crystals with sound.

You can think of this as cleansing the stones but it is really just bringing them back to their dominant oscillatory rate.

All crystals have their own oscillatory or vibratory rate but sometimes they get out of tune.

Using sound will bring them back to their proper vibration so they are ready to help you.

Hibiscus Moon has a great book that goes into more detail about creating crystal grids.

It gets into the science of creating crystal grids and the nitty gritty of how they work.

She even has a wonderful certification class which I highly recommend.

Some people prefer to use sage to smudge them, put them in rice, or put them in sunlight or moonlight.

I typically retune my crystals with sound using a Tibetan bowl but you could use a tuning fork or a crystal singing bowl too.

Just lightly gong the bowl  or fork over the crystals and it will do the trick.

Setting up The Grid

Now that you have your intention in hand and your crystals have been retuned, fold the paper up and place it under your center stone.

hand setting center stone on written intention

Next, set your first set of stones around the center stone in roughly equal distances.

adding amethyst stones to grid

Then set your second set of stones around the center stone in between the first set.

setting the rose quartz stones around grid

Lastly, add your four crystal points at the top, bottom and sides of your grid.

final pic of grid with all crystals in place

Some say that depending on whether you aim the points out or in you may get different results.

I typically point them out to send my intention out to the universe.

Some say that if you point them inward you are sending energy to your center stone.

You can test this out and see which way works best for you.

Activation of Grid

Now you are ready for the last step of creating your simple crystal grid.

Using your crystal wand or point if you have one, connect the energy from center crystal to all  the other crystals in the grid by lightly tapping the center stone and connecting each stone with an invisible line.

Start at the center stone and move in a clockwise direction, tapping each stone lightly so as not to move them out of place as you go around.

Tap the center stone and move the energy to each stone and then back to the center stone.

Think of creating an invisible matrix linking all the stones to each other and back to the center stone.

If you don’t have a wand or point you can use your finger or the power of your mind to link them up.

While you do this, you should be thinking about your intention.

It is a nice touch to light some candles around the grid and play some soft meditation music in the background while activating the grid.

Conjure up how you will feel when your intention has manifested…feel it like it is right now.

Activating the grid with double terminated point

Yay…you did it!

crystal grid on copper table top with elephant and fireplace

You can leave your grid up until your intention manifests or add a few more crystals and reactivate it.

Remember to give it a little love from time to time by reactivating it while thinking of your intention.

When it is time to take it down, remove the stones in a counterclockwise fashion and thank the stones for their hard work and give them a retuning.

I like to store my crystals in a divided jewelry box like this one when they are not working hard for me in a grid.

storage case for crystals with crystal in it

They come in different colors and fabrics and you can find them on Amazon. They also have ones with larger sections for your bigger crystals.

I hope you have enjoyed learning how to set up a simple crystal grid.

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Zenfully yours,