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Tips for Bringing More Zen to Your Heart

Traci is advance certified in the Integrative Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, is a Certified Crystal Healer, Certified Sound Healer, holds a Level Two Reiki Certification, and is a Certified Hypnotherapist. Traci holds an Interior Design Certificate from American Institute of Interior Design. Oh… and she is also still an attorney.

Hello and welcome to Zenful Heart.

I decided to start blogging to express my creative side after many years in the legal field.

I yearned to express myself in a more creative way while helping others to find their authentic, creative selves and a little bit of Zen. I have always had a love of nature, crystals, art, painting, travel, photography, astrology and all things alternative. (I can’t help it… I am an Aquarius). Both my late father and my grandfather were holistic physicians and I worked in my father’s clinic doing hypnosis when I was young. Because of this many thought I would go into medicine instead of law. However, a few years ago I started venturing into areas that were more interesting to me than law. I started by getting my interior design certificate which led to opening my own shop to teach others how to upcycle furniture and create faux finishes. I started this journey after my mom passed away as a form of art therapy and it helped me immensely.  I had the shop for three years and it was one of my happiest times. Later I ventured into Reiki, Yoga Nidra, and certification as a Crystal Practitioner. But during the time that I had my shop, I discovered that teaching was one of my most favorite things. I hope you will follow along as I offer you my tips, ideas, and projects to help you explore, create and mediate your way to Zen.

Zenfully yours,


Find Your Zen

What fills your heart with Zen? For me it is being creative with DIY projects, traveling to beautiful locations to create my crystal grids and doing my daily Yoga Nidra meditation exercises. All of these activities bring me a sense of peace and calm and help to make the daily stresses just melt away.